Venaseal Treatment

Are you battling against minor or chronic vein disease? Get safe, innovative and affordable venaseal treatment for varicose veins at Chicagoveincenter. Let’s enable instant rerouting of blood flow in legs or arms through innovative venaseal treatment anytime.

How Venaseal Vein Treatment Works

How Venaseal Vein Treatment Works?

The venaseal treatment is a non-invasive, safe and painless procedure that requires no anesthesia. A vein specialist makes a small incision at the start of a patient’s varicose vein and inserts a narrow tube-like structure called a catheter. With the help of ultrasound imaging, an expert monitors its placement and finally injects small doses of viscous venaseal glue into the diseased vein. The glue seals varicose veins and naturally redirects the blood flow to healthy veins.

Choosing Venaseal Specialist

Varicose veins are above than just a cosmetic concern. The swollen legs, discomfort, constant pain, cramps and itching can lead to more drastic health issues. One of the latest and most reliable treatments available is venaseal. A specialist is crucial who can perform this treatment. If you are looking for dependable venaseal treatment, the highest level of expertise is mandatory to ensure safe results without any side effects. Don’t be overstressed. Hire a venaseal expert at CVC for healthy veins and lifestyle.

Choosing Venaseal Specialist
Why Choose Us For Venaseal Treatment

Why Choose Us For Venaseal Treatment?

If you are looking for potential venaseal treatment near me, be the first to choose a professional vein clinic for quality treatment. Hire Chicagoveincenter to get the best consultancy and vein treatment. There are various reasons for choosing our venaseal treatment service. Let’s take a look below.

  • Painless and high-end service
  • Bio-adhesive based procedure
  • Certified venaseal specialist
  • Guaranteed and lasting results

Indications of Right Candidate for Venaseal

Venaseal is a fastly emerging treatment for varicose veins. People experiencing lifestyle related troubles including lower leg pain, skin damage, ulceration and swelling due to adverse varicose veins are potential candidates for venaseal. A professional and experienced venaseal specialist looks into the symptoms to assess the extent of the disease and further treatment levels. Consult an expert at CVC to determine whether venaseal is the required treatment option for you or not.
Indications of Right Candidate for Venaseal

Are you searching for a non-surgical treatment for varicose veins? Stop looking further! Book your appointment at CVC for an effective venaseal procedure.


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Steve Christides

The doctor and the staff are great I highly recommend coming here for all of your vein needs. Front desk staff is very professional, courteous and caring!

Amy Sperling

Wonderful staff. Made me and my husband feel comfortable and understood. My husband's legs are feeling so much better even after only a few appointments. Small staff that gets to know you. Lupa, Lisa and Dr S. are all fantastic

David Deem

Dr. Sheikh has been great! I've seen tremendous results from the treatment of the veins in my legs. I highly recommend him and his team.

Patti Cordon

Dr. Sheikh is wonderful. He is so kind and really cares about his patients’ well being. I highly recommend him. I have been going to him to treat my vericose veins and am really happy with the results. His staff is also very nice and helpful.

Venaseal Procedure Aftercare

Venaseal Procedure Aftercare

Venaseal is a smooth and non-surgical treatment for varicose veins. Post-treatment care instructions are mandatory to follow for quick recovery and lasting results. These are very simple to follow. If you want to get back on your toes as early as possible, be ready to consider the listed guidelines below.

  • Avoid performing stressful activities
  • Keep your dressings until the next follow-up
  • Return to the normal diet instantly
  • Keep your consultant updated

Insurance Assistance Guide

Are you looking for potential insurance network coverage? Don’t fret. Chicagoveincenter has a vast network of top insurance providers and medicare facilities to make your venaseal treatment seamless.
Insurance Assistance Guide
Insurance Coverage

We are in network with most major insurance providers and Medicare.

We work with most major insurance providers and Medicare.