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Are you suffering from varicose vein disease? Get rid of painful vein problems by reaching out to Chicago Vein Center Mokena. With a bunch of vein treatment options, we preferably rely on non-surgical and minimally invasive solutions to make it pain-free and durable in the long run.

Growing Need For Specialized Vein Treatment

Growing Need For Specialized Vein Treatment

Are you fed up with discomfort and aching of your legs? Don’t get hard on yourself. The varicose vein problem is growing over time due to the rapidly aging population. Patients normally refrain from varicose vein treatment due to needle sticks and other complex surgical solutions. If you want minimal to no treatment-pain and recovery time, rely on our professional and renowned vein clinic Mokena.

Innovative Vein Treatment Techniques

If you are living with minor or complex varicose vein issues, don’t extend this bearing further. You need to put all the myths to rest and consider proper treatment of your veins. By leveraging modern methods of treating vein disorders, chances are to get safe, timely and lasting results. The non-surgical vein treatment Mokena services are second-to-none and more recommended by experts. Let’s continue to circulate the blood into the healthy veins and enjoy every move.
Innovative Vein Treatment Techniques
Benefits of Timely Vein Treatment

Benefits of Timely Vein Treatment

If you don’t want to continue with muscle cramps, burning in your legs or swollen feet due to varicose vein disease, you are close to pain-free legs. By consulting a professional and specialized vein doctor Mokena, you can get timely treatment. Take a view of the benefits below.

  • Get rid of pain and discomfort
  • Get your appearance back
  • Achieve a more active lifestyle
  • Get better sleep anytime

How Varicose Veins Cause?

Unfortunately, varicose veins are caused when the valves in the veins stop functioning properly. The blood backs up and stops circulating properly. It ultimately keeps the blood combined in the legs making large bulging veins called varicose veins or spider veins. Other than pain and itching, even bleeding or sores can occur called ulcers. Overlooking this situation can lead to further complications. Consulting professional vein clinic Mokena can timely treat your varicose veins disease or disorder.
How Varicose Veins Cause
Vein Treatment Aftercare

Vein Treatment Aftercare

Have you got varicose vein treatment from vein clinic Mokena? There are some simple post-treatment steps to count for lasting healthy veins.

  • Avoid hard body exercises
  • Walk daily to boost circulation level
  • Elevate your legs to reduce the pressure on the healing veins
  • Wear compression stockings
  • Avoid sitting or standing in the same position for longer periods 

All these guides are important to follow for healthy veins and comfortable movement of the legs.

Do you want to reach out to the best vein clinic Mokena for affordable, specialized and lasting varicose veins treatment?

What Services We Offer?

At vein clinic Mokena, our specialized doctor offers top-graded varicose vein or spider vein diagnostic and treatment services.

Ultrasound Vein Mapping

If you want to get rid of pain in your legs, get ultrasound vein mapping to detect vein disease and define treatment options.

Endovenous Laser Ablation

Visit vein clinic Mokena where a specialist uses a laser catheter to reroute blood into healthy veins without complex procedures.

Radiofrequency Ablation

It shrinks the size of the tumor or dysfunctional tissues. With the minimally invasive procedure, patients can swiftly return to daily activities.


It uses a medical glue to block affected veins. It holds the walls of the vein together and redirects the blood circulation to the healthy veins.


By injecting a liquid agent or foam to shrink blocked veins, we enable blood circulation in healthy veins. Let’s get started.


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Tom and Amy

Dr. Sheikh Is a wonderful doctor and person. I trust him completely with my vein care, and he always makes me feel comfortable. I highly recommend him to everyone in need of vein treatment.

Amy Sperling

Wonderful staff. Made me and my husband feel comfortable and understood. My husband's legs are feeling so much better even after only a few appointments. Small staff that gets to know you. Lupa, Lisa and Dr S. are all fantastic

Larry Burks

I have a great experience being treated at Chicago Vein Centers. The staff treats you nice and explain every procedure to you. You never wait long when you arrive for your appointment. I would recommend the Chicago Vein Centers for anyone needing vein care.

Barbie Recker

I have had such a pleasant experience with Dr. Sheikh and his staff. It is a private practice so they take very good care of you. Dr. Sheikh and Lisa, the ultrasound technician, take the time to answer any questions you may have. You never have to wait long when you arrive and the staff is warm, welcoming, and friendly. I highly recommend Dr. Sheikh and Chicago Vein Centers.

Insurance Coverage

Do you want to get quick insurance coverage for seamless vein treatment? Don’t worry.

We work with most major insurance providers and Medicare.